’The Road, Taken’ cover-TEASER

Congratulations, Jan and John!

Glory and trumpets! The Road, Taken, the book of poetry and illustrations that jan-u-wine and John Cockshaw have been working on for over a year, at last may be ordered.

Go to Oloris Publication’s presale page HERE.

If you haven’t listened or watched before, get a luscious taste of The Road, Taken from this video John Cockshaw put together, linked HERE.

Evocative music plays, John's illustrations moving across the screen, as he gorgeously reads excerpts from jan-u-wine's poems. It's a beautiful two minutes.

For more of John’s art, visit his website and lose yourself: From Mordor to the Misty Mountains: Original artwork inspired by the tales of Middle-earth .

’The Road, Taken’-cover art by John Cockshaw


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From: [identity profile] lavendertook.livejournal.com

It's wonderful. I ordered mine already. You did something terrific matching them up. <3

From: [identity profile] mechtild.livejournal.com

It was quite providential, ey? I ordered mine already, too, Lavender!

From: [identity profile] mechtild.livejournal.com

John Cockshaw reads Frodo's voice beautifully, but, alas, there is no Russian version! :)

From: [identity profile] jan-u-wine.livejournal.com

you never know, Oloris might, at some point, undertake to translate it......In any case, a_lexxy, I am so happy you think it is magical! thank you!

From: [identity profile] jan-u-wine.livejournal.com

If you are on facebook, friend Nicole Roberts. She knows Russian, she loves Tolkien, she is a wonderful person and a friend. If she can help in any way, I know she would.

I hope that you will enjoy the book, and welcome your comments!

From: [identity profile] ambree40.livejournal.com

"at last may be ordered"
It has been. Once again, congratulations Jan.

From: [identity profile] mechtild.livejournal.com

Isn't it wonderful, Ambree? I'm so excited, even triumphant, doing high fives in the air. Jan's work recognized at last. :)

From: [identity profile] jan-u-wine.livejournal.com

thank you so much, Ambree! it all feels so surreal. Can't wait to hear what you think and hoping very much that you will enjoy.

From: [identity profile] antane.livejournal.com

Just received the masterpiece today and except for pausing to eat dinner, I spent the rest of the evening in the Hall of Fire soaking it all in. "At first the beauty of the melodies and of the interwoven words in elven-tongues, even though he understood them little, held him in a spell, as soon as he began to attend to them. Almost it seemed that the words took shape, and visions of far lands and bright things that he had never yet imagined opened out before him; and the firelit hall became like a golden mist above seas of foam that sighed upon the margins of the world. Then the enchantment became more and more dreamlike, until he felt that an endless river of swelling gold and silver was flowing over him, too multitudinous for its pattern to be comprehended; it became part of the throbbing air about him, and it drenched and drowned him. Swiftly he sank under its shining weight into a deep realm of sleep."

Anyone who hasn't ordered it already, what in the Four Farthings are you waiting for? Run, do not walk, to get your own copy!

I do hope an audio version of it can be produced for I would love to share it with a friend of mine who is blind.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

From: [identity profile] jan-u-wine.livejournal.com

Dear Ambree.....wow. I really am bowled over by all of this. Ordering a new hat size now........

re an audio version.....that I am just not sure of at the moment....Oloris, as you know, is sort of in its infancy (it ws very ambitious, I think, for them to have attempted (and pulled off) a project of this size)....

but I will tell you that John is *maybe* going to do some more videos, which will mean that he'll be reading entire pieces, not just portions. That is a MAYBE, since he is even busier than I am (really very busy). But somewhere I have a cd of myself reading a couple of these pieces, and bits of Roverandom. If I can find it and you are interested, I'll send along. In the event that John can not do the readings, I'll attempt at some point to do some of them. (but believe me, it will be much nicer if he does them. I have a good reading voice, but i *am* a girl person, so much more suited for a boy person's voice)....

thank you again! (btw, keep John's project under your hat....it still is very much in the 'maybe' stage. Thanks)

From: [identity profile] antane.livejournal.com

Here's hoping for Frodo's voice to be heard more! I felt it really was him in that other video John did. I agree it was ambitious - and wonderful - that Oloris did such a deliciously thick volume. As C.S. Lewis said of Tolkien's masterpiece, I can say of yours: "Here are beauties which pierce like swords or burn like cold iron."

Namarie, God bless and hugs, Antane :)

From: [identity profile] jan-u-wine.livejournal.com

thank you so much again, Antane. And I do hope that John will be able to do more vids.....

I hope that you'll leave some feedback on Oloris' site re the book. It's easy when you are the author, you get all the pets from ppl. But the layout folks (for instance) never know they did a good job. I am thinking that Lara set a personal best for this. (not to mention John)

From: [identity profile] antane.livejournal.com

I already left a review on their Facebook page early this morning. I didn't see a place on their website proper. I thought it had disappeared but if you scroll down on the left you will see it under Visitor Posts. I also left a review on GoodReads. I will be promoting it on Pinterest too, which I am addicted to, yes, my precious, quite addicted.

Namarie, God bless, and hugs, Antane :)
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