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Happy Birthday, Frodo and Bilbo!

Greetings! Forgive my lack of presence, the combined result of responsibilities to others and creeping decreptitude. :) I am inspired to post, however, because jan-u-wine has written a beautiful new poem in honor of the day, Nothing Is There Better.
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Bilbo at open door-TEASER

Happy Late Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo....

I have said this is a new poem, but technically it is not. Jan-u-wine wrote "Birthday" late last fall, too late to post in the 2013 Baggins Birthday entry. I considered posting it during the intervening months, but the poem really is best suited to the day after September 22.

"Birthday" is about Bilbo, but it is just as much about Frodo, from whose point of view it is written. From that vantage point, we can enter into Frodo's thoughts and feelings, marveling as much at the beauty of his soul as that of the beloved hobbit he both mourns and celebrates.

A blessed birthday to you, Bilbo and Frodo, and may we meet beyond the Circles of the World.

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Bilbo in kitchen-TEASER

Happy Birthday, Bagginses!

I didn't want to miss offering my favourite hobbits salutations on September 22, but the real birthday post will appear tomorrow. This is because jan-u-ine's poem, "Birthday", is set the day after the birthday has passed. Frodo, for the first time, has forgotten Bilbo's birthday. Join us tomorrow to read this beautiful piece.

* Detail from an illustration by Alan Lee appearing in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, 1997.

Pierre Vinet Bilbo and Frodo-TEASER

Heavens! I almost missed the Baggins Birthday! I am out of town on a family visit and forgot all about it. Happily, jan-u-wine reminded me in time. This is only a re-post, but raise your glasses with me.

I am sure you all know the images from which the manip is made. Pierre Vinet's FOTR publicity stills are as well-known as they are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Bilbo and Frodo!

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At first we thought we might post another new poem on the Baggins Birthday. Jan wrote it as her birthday mathom for Frodo. But the last section of this poem, "The Young Squire", with its image of the Road waiting for 'the touch of a lad's dream-held feet' made me think of the day after the Birthday, the day when, in S.R. 1418, Frodo's feet would be carried to places he'd never dreamed of, whether geographical places or interior places.

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Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo!

This year, for the Baggins birthdays, jan-u-wine has written a pair of related poems, one from Bilbo's point of view, one from Frodo's. The poems are set at the time of Frodo's first birthday after the death of his parents. If they died boating in the summer, the loss, in September, would have been very fresh.

The poems capture both characters beautifully, and in a subtle range of mood. While the poems don't portray a "happy" birthday, they hint at the rich relationship, and many truly happy birthdays, that will come.

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( Mar. 28th, 2012 07:48 am)

Happy Birthday, Shirebound!

I hope your special day is as festive as this one...!

~ 'Party at Bear's House', by J. R. R. Tolkien


What better way to celebrate The Birthday than with [manipped] photos by the late, great Pierre Vinet and a new poem from jan-u-wine. Happy Birthday, dear Bilbo and Frodo, our most beloved Bagginses.

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~ Detail from “Death of Hyakinthos”

Happy birthday, Frodosweetstuff!

I'm nearly late to the party, but for your birthday here's "The Death of Hyakinthos" by Jean Broc, painted in 1801. I know what a romantic you are, so I thought you'd like a large copy of this well-known swoony painting. (I'll bet you've already got it!)

Many happy returns of the day!!!!

~ Mechtild

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