I still feel in a haze of thought and emotion to do much talking here, but here are a few remarks, a great article, and some screencaps.
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~ Detail from an illustration by Alan Lee for The Hobbit.

Miscellaneous Journal Entries ~ page of links:

Because I like to be able to find my entries when I am looking for them, I have decided to make a "table of links" for miscellaneous LJ entries, just as I have done for the Frodo and Elijah screencaps, BBM screencaps, Frodo Art Travesty entries, and the Frodo Art Travesty album of images. I have found those tables exceedingly helpful. As with those tables of links, I will be keeping a link to this page in the “Links List” (in the left-hand margin of the main page of any journal entry). This is more for my use than yours, but I thought I’d let folks know it exists.
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. VII (last), The 'Dozy Embrace'....

This post will be the last in the series of Brokeback Mountain screencaps....

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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. VI, The Stairs Kiss, Second Half....

This post presents the second half of the "Stairs" kiss," or, "Reunion" kiss....

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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. V, The Stairs Kiss, First Half....

This post presents the first half of the "Stairs" kiss," or, "Reunion" kiss.
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Part IV: The 'Second Tent Scene'....

In this post, I am leaving the book scene behind (which, as I wrote to Maeglian in comments for Part III, I see as very, very different). This is just about the film scene. In this scene, Ennis comes to Jack in the tent.

It is the next night....
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Brokeback Mountain Links page

~ from The New Yorker

Because there are now a number of BBM entries, and because I have found the “Tags”, “Archives”, and “Memories” features of LJ not that useful for finding things easily, I have decided to make a "table of links" for the Brokeback Mountain LJ entries, just as I have done for the Frodo and Elijah screencaps and the Frodo Art Travesties....
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Part III: 'Face to Face,' also featuring caps of a kiss with Alma....

In comments for the previous entries, we discussed whether Jack and Ennis would have kissed the way they did in the film during the summer their love affair began. Was the stairs kiss their first face to face kiss? What was the significance of “face to face” for Ennis?
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes: Part II

Warnings: Adult content for discussion of sex, erotica, homosexuality, slash, etc. No explicit images, though.

Well! I certainly learned a lot reading the comments from my introductory post, particularly as they touched upon Brokeback Mountain -- both the short story and the film based on it -- when it came to watching real love scenes between a man and a man.

Yesterday, I singled out the kissing scenes as the "love scenes" of Brokeback Mountain, dismissing the opening tent scene (murkily but unmistakably showing anal intercourse) as abrupt, wordless, and quick (not to mention, from behind, not face to face), raw sex.
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~ Detail from erotic drawing by Paul-Emile Becat (1885-1960)


1. HUGELY long LJ entry, but I think it is one of my better ones. This post is all intro. and has only partial BBM content. So, if you are opening this for the screencaps, this is not the post to see them in.

2. There is some adult content in the text (erotica, slash); also, an erotic illustration, NOT WORKSAFE: NC-17, het, nude erect member.
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Back when I was hotly discussing this film in January and February, I wrote about how well the kiss scenes were made, I promised a Lovely Someone from another LJ that I would make screencaps of the kiss scenes from the film once the DVD had come out. I said I would post them in my LJ.

Well, the DVD came out, I made the caps, and here’s the introductory post....
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~ Jack and Ennis, standing before the campfire, on Brokeback Mountain.
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For those who haven't read it and are interested, here it is:

The Brokeback Mountain Oscar Snub, by Michael Jensen
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As many of you know, I saw (and re-saw) and became a huge fan of the film Brokeback Mountain, by far my favourite since the LotR films, and, perhaps, one of my all-time favourites. I really, really think it's a beautiful work of cinematic storytelling art.
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Anyway. Here's the article that prompted this post. Roger Ebert shows that Kenneth Turan isn't the only one who can issue a public scolding. It was in the entertainment section of the paper this morning.

Now, I am no big Roger Ebert fan; we often disagree about films regularly. (Heck, I don't think he gave RotK four stars!) But I don't disrespect him and don't think he has any sort of anti-gay, anti-Ang Lee axe to grind, either. When he says he thought Crash was better, I don't assume he is lying, deluded or a closet anti-gay reactionary. I am assuming he is sincere. I still don't agree with his assessment of the film, but it gave me an awful pang to see this public dressing-down. Especially when I think of Ang Lee and the other people who made this film reading it. I am hoping they will see the ungracious behaviour of their film's supporters for what it actually was: wounded love striking out....
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The Oscars just ended with an upset. And, yes, I was upset. Well, "disappointed." Very. Crash....? 'Best Picture'?

Hrrrmph. *grumble grumble*
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To soothe myself, I have made a another Brokeback spoof out of manips, based on a brochure I picked up on our trip to Montana last month. I am calling it....

Jack and Ennis: 'Gone Fishin'

Warnings: Silliness, sexual innuendo.

(Continues from previous spoof, Jack and Ennis Find Montana not Nearly So Repressive as Wyoming....)

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~ Frodo, having a "Brokeback moment," as he recalls pleasant stays at the Del Mar Motel in Montana....

Twiddling my thumbs, procrastinating reading Frodo fics (recently finished last four or five engrossing chapters of RoP:Bag End and am several installments into the vivid, visceral Counterpoint). Avoiding chores and my own writing.

While busy doing all these things an e-friend linked me yet another Brokeback spoof. It's just like the "Brokeback to the Future" spoof I so enjoyed, but this one makes use of Sam and Frodo from the LotR films. It's not quite as clever as the Back to the Future version, but it gave me a few snorts and guffaws. The very last ten or fifteen seconds, especially, are well-worth it.

Here's the link to the clip....

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Warning: Spoof of the film I've loved best since LotR ahead:

On our drive to Montana for our recent “campus visit” trip, I and my daughter saw a sign for a gas station that made us both guffaw. It was in Miles City, for the Kum and Go. It could have been worse. The sign might have said, the “Cum and Go.” But, even spelled with a “K” we both laughed hard enough to make us weepy.

All this while, I had been making my daughter listen [yet again] to the soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain. (“Mom! Aren’t you sick of that yet???”)

“Hmmmm….” I thought.

“The Kum and GoBrokeback Mountain."

A manip project was born.....

* * *

Jack and Ennis Alive and Well in Montana:
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~ Jack waiting for Ennis to arrive in Montana:

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~ Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar) on Brokeback set with director Ang Lee....

This is just a quickie to post a link of a clip, poking good-natured fun at Brokeback Mountain.
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While I am at it, I may as well post a link to another spoof we found at the same site, poking fun at the reaction of some Americans to the perceived threat of homosexuality, Hotdogs for Homophobes.
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~ Ennis and Jack looking at the view, from Brokeback Mountain.

Close-up of kiss from second tent scene under the cut )

~ A good, honest kiss scene, no matter what the characters' genders.*

* Note: Opening up this entry to look for a link, I found that this picture had been removed from my Photobucket album. I certainly did not take it down. Since it was not obscene, I assumed it was removed without consenting me because someone browsing objected to it. Looking at it, I suppose it could be considered highly offensive to some viewers, although I think it a good cap from a very moving, beautifully filmed scene. Anyway, that is why I put it behind a cut. But, no, even behind the cut was too much. It has been taken down again. I have complained to Photobucket.

One disappointing thing about listening to my wonderful soundtrack recording of Brokeback was that I still could not understand the words sung by Rufus Wainwright, in his song that plays under the end credits, The Maker Makes.
Fed up, I looked up its lyrics on a website….
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Yep, I'm still thinking about Brokeback....

My CD of the motion picture soundtrack arrived a couple of days ago. I have been listening to it a lot. I'm listening to it right now. Composer Gustavo Santaololla has accomplished much the same thing Howard Shore was able to do for me, albeit on a much smaller scale: creating original film music that so strongly evokes the scenes from the films, when I listen to it, I pant to see and experience the film all over again.

Although I thought I was all finished talking about this film, I am not. I have resumed talking about themes and film scenes in greater detail, in the LJ of an e-friend, a fellow-fan of LotR and this film. This morning, she linked me to a film review I had not yet read, by Daniel Mendelsohn.

His review is so excellent, so thoughtful, and so challenging to me, I wanted to post it here for my own reference and, well, “for posterity.”

(I have some things to say about it, too, which will appear under the review.)

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~ from p. 8 of The New Yorker, Jan. 23 & 30, 2006

I was writing back and forth to another Brokeback Mountain fan (again), and we were talking about whether we did or did not find the kissing scenes hot, exciting, romantic, and so forth....

She definitely did, she said. I replied that I had loved the kissing scenes in the film, but as drama, not erotica.

Why did I not respond to them in a more heated way, personally? (Bear in mind, although I am not "a slasher," I do read slash.) I thought about it....

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