Frodo in The Musicians, teaser crop

I've wanted to make a Frodo manip out of this painting for a long time. It's been in my "possibles" file for years. But I never found a face that I thought fit with it. Finally I think I have.
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Warning: Long post, with many images, some quite large.

A year ago, scrolling through Caravaggio paintings, I saved files of his “Narcissus” as soon as I saw it. I was sure I’d want to make a manip of it one day. That day has come.

For this post, the discussion of the painting will come first, after which I will make a few reflections about Frodo in the finished manip. After the manip will come Jan-u-wine's poem, Unbroken, for which this manip was made. A "making of" section concludes the entry.

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I can’t believe it, but only after receiving half a dozen lovely comments yesterday for my new manip of Caravaggio’s The Cardsharps did I notice that I had never put the top of Frodo’s ear back on!

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This is the fourth "Frodo Art Travesty" I have made from a Caravaggio painting. Since FotR was first screened, viewers have seen a connection between Frodo and this painter's work. Six years and one day ago, Marian Kester Coombs wrote a review of FotR in which she compared film-Frodo’s face to one painted by Caravaggio. Other fans have likened him to "a Baroque angel". In an oft-quoted excerpt from her review, Coombs wrote,

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~ Frodo as Caravaggio’s 1596 “Bacchus”, detail.

One of the first art manips I ever made was of Frodo as the God of Wine, Caravaggio's "Bacchus" (link to Wikipedia's entry on Caravaggio here).
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Using the same face shot, I re-did the manip from the ground up, using the newly-found, infinitely better version of the painting....
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~ detail from Frodo in Caravaggio’s “The Lute Player”

Yes, it’s time for a new manip, this one based on the Baroque master, Caravaggio. Full entry )
ETA #1:
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ETA #2:
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~ Detail from Frodo in "The Death of Chatterton."

I re-did some older Art Travesty manips....
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