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( Dec. 25th, 2010 08:46 am)

Christmas cards arrived in my mail slot from [ profile] frolijah_fan_54, [ profile] julchen11, [ profile] verangel and [ profile] jan_u_wine. Thank you so much!

Also, [ profile] jan_u_wine surprised me by sending a stunning copy of the 1979 edition of Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien. I mulled over buying one of these books all this year. It's a beautiful volume, with excellent plates, and comes in a handsome protective slip case. For those interested, here are photos of one here.

Again, to you all a very Merry Christmas!


~ Mechtild


Merry Christmas!

Here are some images from Tolkien's Father Christmas Letters, not the same as I posted last year. Read more... )

Hi! I'm back both from the two-week trip to my mother's and from my recent overnighter to see the Trilogy (no symphony, just the films). I'm trying to catch up on mail and house stuff, still have loads to do for Christmas , and have not even touched the Frodo project I started last month, something to go with a jan-u-wine poem. Still, I thought I'd say "Merry Christmas" before the day slipped by.
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In this post are a few images of the sort of things Tolkien made for his own children. For several years, he sent them illustrated letters, purportedly from Father Christmas (or his staff: Karhu the Polar Bear or Ilbereth the secretary elf), full of details of life--hum-drum, comical or alarming--at the North Pole. What fun it had to have been for him to write the letters and illustrate them each year, and what fun for his children to receive them. I'm sure the Tolkien household had its hard times, its unhappy times, but it had to be a delight, too, living with such an imaginative parent who took such pleasure in providing entertainment for his children.
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Tolkien was always careful to keep the specifics of his Christian faith out of Middle-earth, so I couldn't really let this be a Christmas card. Therefore I am interpreting this as a Yule card, a holiday the Shire folk celebrated.

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