More Frodo Screen caps coming up! -- a gorgeous set of Lothlorien Eyes. But, this time they are not from FotR itself, they are from the DVD "Extras"....

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Ian Holm:

Those remarkable, God-given eyes! That glorious, good-natured personality! Elijah's Frodo is a dazzling light in the doom and gloom of war and despair.

~ from The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy, by Brian Sibley, p. 153.

~ Caps from "Teaser One", from the TE FotR Extras:

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The state museum in Indianapolis has an IMAX theatre built into it. To go with the LotR exhibit, the museum showed a different LotR film, in rotation, every night except Sunday. Our exhibition tickets were for Saturday, but I drove down early to see the films.Read more... )

Even if there had been no museum exhibit, I would have felt it was worthwhile to have taken this trip. Seeing the films at an IMAX affected me that much.Read more... )

Another film experience showed me the greatness of the films by way of contrast. Friday afternoon a group of us drove to a little hole-in-the-wall theatre that showed small films, down near one of the colleges. They were showing Everything is Illuminated.Read more... )

Harem-oriented addendum....

One of my keenest mental images from the trip was the time Ariel and her daughter were cuddling, watching TV together while they lolled on the other hotel bed. Ariel's daughter is an utterly charming, warm, and engaging 7 year-old who, unlike my 17 year-old, still loves to snuggle with her mom. As I watched them, I thought, "Hmmmm ... Ariel's daughter is just a little taller than Frodo would be...."Read more... )

~ Mechtild
Well, I went (11 1/2 hours to drive down, 12 1/2 hours back - Shees!, and got back late last night.

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I will save the seeing of the films for another LJ entry.

Harry Potter, had he been portrayed by Elijah Wood. *wink*


OK, I've resisted reading the Harry Potter series since it came out, but the reviews and word of mouth on The Half Blood Prince were so enthusiastic I decided I had better do it. When was that? Sometime this summer? July? August? Anyway, in my spare time ("spare" - HA!) I started reading them.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Cute, but no more than many other books of far less renown. On to Chamber of Secrets. A little cuter, but, still; so what? Prizoner of Azkaban. Much better. Hermoine gets more interesting and I liked Sirius Black, sure that he was going to turn out to be a good guy. He did. Good! Then, Goblet of Fire. Far better still. I stopped pretending to work on my own fic to read it through. Things were definitely perking up! The Order of the Phoenix. Completely couldn't put it down. (A bit of a let-down in the big show-down at the Dept. of Mysteries -- kept picturing the battles in the first three Star Wars movies -- but otherwise, really a pleasure to read.)

This afternoon, I finished The Half Blood Prince.Read more... )

Today, after fretting about it for a month or two, I cancelled my Premiere Membership to TORc. It was far more emotional for me than I had anticipated, even as the diehard fan I have been. I felt as though I had experienced a death.

~ Frodo as Chatterton by Henry Wallis, c. 1856. I had made this manip picturing the scene of Frodo lying in a swoon on his bed at the home of Farmer Cotton, longing, in his delirium, for the Ring.

(Here follows a long re-telling of my experience in LotR fandom. Some of you already know all this stuff. Warning: Whinges ahead.)
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