~ ‘The Last Judgment’, by Michelangelo, detail,16th century.

Announcing a new chapter of

Ch. 14 ~ Bilbo Observes
Rating: Mature
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~ ‘The Goblin Market’, by D. G. Rossetti, cropped.

I am taking a break to post tonight because I wanted to publicly thank Ariel ( [livejournal.com profile] elasg ) for nominating Threshold for a MEFA award. It’s never been nominated for anything, so I am thrilled and touched.
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Because I received this nomination and was inspired to look at the other nominations, I wanted to highlight the noms of people who are on my Friends List. If you look down the MEFA “authors” list, you will see many more names of writers we know and read, but, for the sake of space, I am only listing the writers who are on my list.

From names on my f-list, these are the authors whose stories were listed for MEFA nominations as of this morning.... Read more... )
P.S. News on Threshold: Scarlet, the story's lead beta, just sent back Ch. 13 littered with notes and corrections, all extremely helpful. I sent the revision back for her O.K. this morning. She’s still working on Ch. 14. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer, Frodo/Rosamunda fans. I want to post these two chapters together, since they form a thematic unit....
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On Sunday night, my husband and I splurged to celebrate our 20th anniversary....
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~ Lake Superior surfers, Jan. 29, 2006:

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I just wanted to say, too, that I am going to try and take a break from my on-line life. At least, I hope to cut back. Perhaps I could force myself to make only one entry a week. How I will be able to stand it, I don't know, but I am going to try, honestly....
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~ Elijah Wood in the 1995 rock video for Ridiculous Thoughts, by the Cranberries:

My, my, how I love the angst on that kid's face. It's just perfect for Willow-wode's sorely afflicted hobbit 'tween hero, Rites of Passage Frodo, Middle-earth's, "Boy Who Lived" (barely).

I would have posted these remarks in Khazad-dum's "Fanfiction" thread, but it's still down....Read more... )
[Warning: some adult content in quoted materials]

~ Film-Frodo looking bookishly, "kick-ass," at Cirith Ungol.

Oh, EXCRETA! Two more great essays!

One by Aratlithiel and another by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. Many of you have no doubt read these, but for us relative newbies, I just want to give a little ‘heads up’….Read more... )
It looks like K-D is down. I checked the alternate "Frodo's Harem on LJ" site, but didn't see any new entries…. My apologies to you who have PM'd me, since I can't open them. Link to Harem LJ site, in case you have lost it:


Because I can't bear to write an entry without using an image, I decided to post this one I made to include in a comment for my recent "Sam/Frodo hug" screencap entry:

~ In which Rosie demonstrates why she wins fanfic's "good sport" award...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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I didn't find what I was looking for, but I found something else. An essay. A really, really good essay. An essay on the character of Rosie:

Expecting You Since the Spring: Examining Rosie Cotton, by Mary Borsellino:


I recognized the name at once and started reading. She was "famous" in the world of Frodo fanfic, I knew. Read more... )
My duties associated with hosting a U.S. “Thanksgiving” dinner are almost upon me, but I thought I would produce one more strip of screencaps before my guests begin arriving....
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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~ Leighton, Fredric - Fisherman and the Siren, 1858, detail.

(Looking for some het Frodo, Undine decided to go right to the source....)

Because a decent answer to a fellow-LJ'er's question about where to talk about Frodo. I had mentioned "The Harem," so she wanted to know a little more about that. She also wanted to know where to find fic about Frodo -- het fic. My reply turned out to be so huge, I decided to make it into an LJ entry, so that it would all fit in one place ( -- and I could find it again; I would like to have an easy place to go to find these links again myself).

Notice: To anyone who happens to read this and knows other good rec sources, or feels there are things I didn’t present properly that I should correct, please let me know in the Comments section. Thanks!

About Frodo’s Harem….
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Where to look for het Frodo fanfiction. Read more... )

Harry Potter, had he been portrayed by Elijah Wood. *wink*


OK, I've resisted reading the Harry Potter series since it came out, but the reviews and word of mouth on The Half Blood Prince were so enthusiastic I decided I had better do it. When was that? Sometime this summer? July? August? Anyway, in my spare time ("spare" - HA!) I started reading them.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Cute, but no more than many other books of far less renown. On to Chamber of Secrets. A little cuter, but, still; so what? Prizoner of Azkaban. Much better. Hermoine gets more interesting and I liked Sirius Black, sure that he was going to turn out to be a good guy. He did. Good! Then, Goblet of Fire. Far better still. I stopped pretending to work on my own fic to read it through. Things were definitely perking up! The Order of the Phoenix. Completely couldn't put it down. (A bit of a let-down in the big show-down at the Dept. of Mysteries -- kept picturing the battles in the first three Star Wars movies -- but otherwise, really a pleasure to read.)

This afternoon, I finished The Half Blood Prince.Read more... )
Well, because all the windows of Europe and the U.S. have been dark as fans around the world have been devouring Harry Potter #6, I have been clicking the buttons of "Friends" ... and then of the Friends of the Friends ... then of their Friends ....

I ended up in a site hosting RPS fics starring LotR actors. And what do you know? I read an EW-OB one that was pretty good, as hot fics go! I didn't believe it at all, since I think both actors are straight. I especially doubted it after having seen EW's lack-lustre ("lack-lust"?) on-screen love-making in All I Want (but I grant that he was playing a role, and, perhaps, he actually is a lot more capable than those scenes indicate).

(This journal entry contains explicit language.)

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In response to the last entry (about the phallic water sensors that so amused me), Maeglian sent me a great link to a comic site called, Phallic Logo Awards. However, it did not show up in the journal; I only received it as an emailed reply notification. Go figure. Anyway, here's Maeglian's link, if you'd like a morning laugh:

Phallic Logo Awards:


In case you don't bother to open it, if you scroll down to the bottom (HA!) you'll see the grand prize winner, the logo for the "Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies."

I thought it had to be fake it was so funny. But when I Googled up the institute, it's site said, "Sorry, under construction." I guess they found out the internet world was guffawing over their innocent little logo.

As Maeglian pointed out, it's supposed to be a pagoda in front of the red sun of Japan. Here it is:

Logo for The Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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OK, Here I have been -- avoiding writing my tiresome chapter -- and the internet (as ever) has been calling. Now, I have an LJ, I have access to the links of friends, but also to friends of friends, and to friends of those friends' friends, and so on. Browsing for anything Frodo-ish, I found out more than I have wanted to know, perhaps.

Ah, how the Fro-smut fans have departed in droves for J. K. Rowling's shores! Read more... )

~ Green Ghost's, In the Tower, her Cirith Ungol Frodo.
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