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Warning: Adult content (discussion of LotR erotic fan art, although not at all graphically).

Recently, following links to links, I have been browsing LJ's and galleries for LotR fan art, specifically erotic art featuring Frodo. I don't mean manips, but paintings and drawings.

I found it very educational (and, in the end, inspiring)....
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Greetings! I have just returned from visiting family, "back east". While I was out there I was able to use the internet services that were available in the public library. Although there was never enough time to read all my mail, I did look at my LJ.

I noticed that all of my manips and screencaps seemed wan and pale on all of the library's machines. Boo hoo hoo! The monitor I use at home is rather old. Too old, it seems. I have the "bright" turned all the way up, but everything looks loads darker on my machine. I was shocked to see how different my work looked on newer, very much brighter monitors.

Therefore, I re-did every one of my Frodo Art Travesties, darkening them considerably, re-naming them, and reloading them into the Photobucket album.

If you have any favourites that you have saved, you may want to re-save them. I apologize for the fact that I will have broken links to images posted in threads (such as the "New Frodo's Harem" thread at K-D). My Art Travesty link is in my signature there, however, so no fan of the manips need suffer. *grin* (Note that there are three pages; I apologize that the names of the prints are truncated by Photobucket.)

Now, then. As an "I'm back" gesture, I have made a new manip.

Here's a detail from it:

Frodo and Potiphar's Wife

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While I am on this procrastination roll, I thought I would post a Frodo illustration I came across that I really, really admired....

I don’t usually take the time to browse any of the Tolkien fanart galleries, but occasionally a fellow-poster will display a new work -- her own, or someone else’s. That is how I have come across drawings of Frodo that I have really liked. The illustration I am linking below, however, I “discovered” in a more intentional way.

A month or so ago, an LJ user whom I did not know, [livejournal.com profile] taerie posted a comment. Immediately I was struck by her icon. It looked like a detail from a larger Frodo art work.

Here is a facsimile of her icon (hers has text added):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That sliver of image intrigued me so much I went to her User Page, found out she was an artist, followed her link to a gallery where her pieces were being hosted, and saw what must be the full image,in the midst of a string of thumbnails.

I clicked it open, and fell in love....

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Yep, another set of gorgeous close-ups of film Frodo.

This set is from a brief moment in "Teaser Two," included in the FotR TE DVD Extras. Yes, this beautiful sequence comes from yet another theatrical trailer for Fellowship. How the fans must have been going berserk. I never saw any of these trailers, of course, since I didn't watch television and never went to the movies. Silly, silly me!
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I decided to go ahead and post the last of my "FotR Cart Scene" screen caps because I’ll be too busy for the next few days to post a new entry....

The first caps below come from footage just after the "Money Shot." Frodo realises that it is Gandalf who is approaching, and tears down the grassy slope.

These are awfully blurry, but I really love this moment in the film for the buoyant, filled-with-joy quality of the run. Therefore, I included the two caps that are the most focussed.

Frodo careers down the hill:

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Yep, still procrastinating.

Because there can be no such thing as too many EE Party Tent screencaps, I pored over the scene in which Bilbo pulls Frodo aside, hiding from the arriving Sackville-Bagginses. Once they are out of danger, Bilbo tries to confide to Frodo what he plans to do. He struggles to say what he feels, but can't quite bring himself to do it. He ends up changing the subject and bringing the exchange to an abrupt close. Frodo mostly listens. I think this is a gorgeously played scene, and film-Frodo looks gorgeous in it. As I moved from frame to frame, I almost couldn't choose....
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Golden Party Tent Frodo:

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It's a Friday night, and, unexpectedly, I have the house to myself.

Am I working on my fic?

No, I am mooning over film-Frodo shots. My husband showed me how to make screencaps (SQUEEEE!), so I have started at the start, of course, with The Fellowship of the Ring. I was inspired to make screencaps because so many of my usual LotR screencap sources have begun drying up.
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In order of appearance, here are some caps of Frodo's famed opening close-up, "The Money Shot":

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This morning I am celebrating...

Mr. Bilbo Baggins, born 22 September 1290, Shire Reckoning.

Happy Birthday, Bilbo!!!

Here are some well-known images of a much-beloved hobbit, posted in his honour.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

~ Ian Holm in Fellowship of the Ring.

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You will have to wait till tonight when I come home from work to see my birthday mathom from Frodo.

Here's a glimpse....

Before the Fire-TEASER

~ Mechtild
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm not done with Canova yet.

The reason I was familiar with the artist, when Pearl sent me that image was because I already had fallen in love with one of his sculptures, another version of the Cupid and Psyche myth that he had done.

The piece I swooned over is extremely daring, technically, as works in stone go. It is not small, yet it is all over the place in terms of limbs and wings extending this way and that. I don't know much about how stone is worked by artists, but I can't help but think that this sort of piece is assembled, somehow -- put together -- not carved whole out of one huge block.

Edited to add: I found a site that gave the overall dimensions of the piece. It is not large. I suppose it seemed large to me because it is in the foreground, making the museum visitors look smaller (an old Pete Jackson trick!). The figures are not even hobbit-sized, for the dimensions are: H 0.55 m; W 0.68 m; D 1.01 m

Once again, to demonstrate Canova's ability to express both the erotic and the tender in one piece, here is a close-up of the faces.

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Blame it on Pearl...

Yesterday, Pearl sent me an image of a statue by the Italian Neo-classicist artist, Antonio Canova (1757 - 1822). It was a detail of a scuplture, but I was sure I recognized the piece. I Googled around and found it. Here it is:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That is Canova's "Venus and Adonis," c. 1794. Canova would have been 37 years old at that time. Ah, talented young men. Aren't they fascinating? I researched some bio material on him, of course....Read more... )
Well! I see I have started off on a smutty foot. Just to show that I have a spiritual side, too, I will post below another "Frodo Art Travesty," the second I ever made, fashioned from FotR Frodo (from the scene with Gandalf in the cart) and Bernini's "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa" -- isn't that in Florence, too?

Boy, Florence gets "David" AND the "Ecstasy"??????

Edited to add: Nope, it isn't. See Pearl's reply below. It's in Rome.]

The artist, purportedly, was depicting St. Theresa's ecstatic vision of being pierced by the love of Christ in the side, a pierce like that of an arrow (no doubt meant to mirror the lancing on Good Friday), wielded by an angel. I don't know how much St. Theresa knew about the classical myths (I'm betting she was an educated woman before becoming a nun), but the parallel between her vision and the myth of Cupid/Eros, piercing his victims with an arrow that made them fall madly in love, was certainly on my mind when I saw this beautiful statue.

Many years later, how appropriate to import the face of film-Frodo into this piece. For his arrow has been every bit as keen and piercing as Cupid's, filling me with a love that seems incurable. But, unlike Theresa's angel, mine did not pierce me through the side but, Cupid-like, elsewhere. No, not there -- through the eye! This is supposed to be the "spiritual" post, remember? Shees!

But, oh, let us sigh as one for the sheer beauty of the face of film Frodo. *sigh*

(Hey; I know I am not the only chaste book fan out there to have been so smitten!)

~ Mechtild

Frodo, as the angel who pierces the side of St. Theresa with his "arrow of pure love", by Bernini:



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