Yep, it's cold in these thar hills! 

I came back recently from a week and half visiting and caring for my mom in the Washington D.C. area, where people were carrying on about how cold it was.   Their highs were in the thirties (Farenheit).   Spring-like, I thought. 

Outside the window where I'm sitting, there's a thermometer affixed to the framing, so we can check the outdoor temperature from the safety of the house.  Here's what it said at 4:37 am (I was walking off a hot flash).   Read more... )

'The Sailing of the Yellow Cog' by N. C. Wyeth

Tomorrow I will be heading out east for my two-week spring visit to my mother. There probably won't be any internet access, so farewell for now. Enjoy spring's unfolding, you who live in the northern hemisphere, and have fun preparing for winter, you friends down under.

~ Mechtild

P.S. LJ is slow as sludge for me tonight. Shees!

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( Nov. 16th, 2009 02:58 pm)

Early tomorrow, I will be flying out east for my biannual visit to me dear old mum. She doesn't have internet access, so goodbye for two weeks.

Have a lovely, scrumptious Thanksgiving, you who celebrate it!

~ Mechtild



Tomorrow afternoon, I will be going for a visit “back East” for a couple of weeks. I will be virtually off-line, so if I don’t reply to new comments in a timely fashion, that is why. Read more... )

~ detail from Bouguereau's "Victorious Love"

Just a note....

Early tomorrow I'll be flying off for an extended visit to family "out East". I'll be back at the end of January. At my mother's pre-computer home, I won't have any email or internet (*gasp and sob*), but I hope to catch up on things when I return.

In the meantime, I wish you all very well!

~ Mechtild

~ Detail of Taerie's "Frodo of the Shire".

One of my Frodo friends, [ profile] tairie, has been preparing to move. I was surprised but pleased when I got a PM from her saying....

I am packing up to move and I ran across the original for that picture of Frodo that you liked. Would you like to have it...?
Yes, I wrote back fervently -- although I wasn’t sure which picture she meant, since she’s done several that I’ve admired tremendously.
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The other point of this post was to say that our daughter has been conveyed to Hawaii to start her career at the college of her choice, to study Surfing. I mean, Nursing.

I can’t go into it because it still makes me too teary, although I am extremely happy for her and hope her dreams for the place all come true. Here are some snaps to give a flavour of my feelings, the happier ones:
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~ ‘A Soul Carried to Heaven’, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 19th cent., cropped.

Farewell, for a while!

(Plus some thoughts on old mums, and old parents, generally.)

I will be gone away from July 1 until July 12.Read more... )

That's right. Over two thousand miles of driving (round trip) and a lot of moolah later, our daughter still wants to go to college in Hawaii, not Montana....

On the way home she told me apologetically, "You know how Erin said, she was a 'mountain person'? Well, I guess I'm just an ocean person, Mom."

"Who is Erin?" you might ask. Erin is the young woman who spent an extra couple of hours snowboarding with Rachel, after her beginner's lesson at Bridger Bowl was over. Erin is the daughter of one of my husband's best Minnesota friends. Erin went to this college in Montana, married a fellow snowboarder, and never came back. She's an expert boarder. She also very enthusiastically talked up the university (as did total strangers whenever they overheard that we were looking at the place).

But, no. Hawaii is what she wants. But she did like snowboarding. A lot.

~ Here's Rachel being instructed in the basics at Bridger Bowl ski resort in Bozeman, Montana:

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Yes! I am off to Montana for five days….

Nope, not to look for Ennis and Jack, should they have wandered too far north, trysting in the the Absaroka Mountains (a sub-range that straddles the border between Wyoming and Montana). I am taking Rachel for a “campus visit.” Our daughter has always had one main life goal: to enjoy outdoor recreation in a beautiful place, particularly places where she can learn surfing or snowboarding. The campus is in a narrow place in the river valley, in the midst of mountains just north of the Montana/Idaho border, a sub-range called the Gallatins. Yellowstone Park (and Wyoming) is south of there, but mostly to the east.

Rachel has planned to make a career in nursing, a career she sees as one that will afford her the best chances to live in such places, support herself modestly, and allow her to do what she really loves. I think that’s a reasonable goal. We just wish these places were not so far away and so costly. Still, she’s our only child, the child of a somewhat late surrender to love and marriage. She came to us much-desired but unexpectedly, since we were both past our prime reproductive years. I suppose there are worse things we could go broke doing than sending her to the school of her choice. :)

She has applied to and been accepted by three schools. One is the 'fall-back,' the local university (“Yuck!”). Her first choice is in Hawaii and her second choice is in Montana. We are hoping to give Montana its way with her (yes, this visit is to seduce her into making it her first choice). It's no less expensive than the school in Hawaii, but so much closer. It's a long two-day drive, but Hawaii would mean air fares, air fares so expensive we could only a afford to send her back and forth once a year.

Here are a pile of photos (for you who might be interested) of the area of Montana where the school is, along with a couple of annotated maps (I love maps).

I’ve also included a string of old shots of us, especially of Rachel. How quickly time has passed! I think all of you who have reached your middle or later years appreciate that. My mother always used to say, one didn’t notice the passing of the years except when one saw the way the children grew up.

You parents of children, aunts of nieces and nephews, older friends of the children of peers – you all know this. ‘Wasn’t it only last month that Bridget was sitting in a potty chair? Now she is driving a car.’ Treasure the watching of their growth; it is so soon over. I wish I had kept a journal of those early years. At least I saved her drawings and scrawls. But I wasn’t inclined to really write until my Frodo swoon. Too bad I hadn’t fallen in love with him earlier.
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This is one of my favourite pictures of us because Rachel is so funny in it. She did NOT want to have her photograph taken. Can you tell? Rachel was eight, I was forty-five, Glen was forty-three.

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On Sunday night, my husband and I splurged to celebrate our 20th anniversary....
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~ Lake Superior surfers, Jan. 29, 2006:

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I just wanted to say, too, that I am going to try and take a break from my on-line life. At least, I hope to cut back. Perhaps I could force myself to make only one entry a week. How I will be able to stand it, I don't know, but I am going to try, honestly....
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I just wanted you all to know that Lembas, whom I know mostly from TORc, sent me the loveliest present, with which she completely surprised me. She made me a custom selection of songs she likes, burned them onto a CD, made a two-page annotated playlist to go with it ( not shown here), and made a GORGEOUS cover for the case, showing Frodo's farewell smile at the Grey Havens, bordered by antique musical manuscripts (also not shown here), AND, inside, she somehow personalized it, and put an image onto the disc itself, too, featuring one of my favourite Frodo shots.

I am too backwards, technologically, to know how.

Here's what the disc looks like:

Image hosted by
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The state museum in Indianapolis has an IMAX theatre built into it. To go with the LotR exhibit, the museum showed a different LotR film, in rotation, every night except Sunday. Our exhibition tickets were for Saturday, but I drove down early to see the films.Read more... )

Even if there had been no museum exhibit, I would have felt it was worthwhile to have taken this trip. Seeing the films at an IMAX affected me that much.Read more... )

Another film experience showed me the greatness of the films by way of contrast. Friday afternoon a group of us drove to a little hole-in-the-wall theatre that showed small films, down near one of the colleges. They were showing Everything is Illuminated.Read more... )

Harem-oriented addendum....

One of my keenest mental images from the trip was the time Ariel and her daughter were cuddling, watching TV together while they lolled on the other hotel bed. Ariel's daughter is an utterly charming, warm, and engaging 7 year-old who, unlike my 17 year-old, still loves to snuggle with her mom. As I watched them, I thought, "Hmmmm ... Ariel's daughter is just a little taller than Frodo would be...."Read more... )

~ Mechtild
Yep, The Harem thread had to go camping for a day and a night, but K-D is back up.

After a night around the campfire, with Frodo joining us for a rousing game of, "Tent peg, tent peg, who's got the tent peg?"(poor lad; he's still recuperating), I woke up this morning to see that my favourite hang-out was back on line. Woo hoo!

Just for the information of those I know on line, I will be gone away, starting tomorrow (in the wee hours)until late Sunday night.

I am off for my first and probably last K-D "hoot." I will be meeting at least a dozen K-D fans to see the LotR Museum exhibit on Sat. Oct. 22nd. Also, I will be seeing all three of the films (theatrical versions) at the IMAX that is connected to it. (They won't be in IMAX format, but they will be on their Big Screen.) I can't WAIT. FotR is being shown tomorrow night, and TTT on Friday. I am arriving early enough to see those, too, but not everyone else is. RotK, which is on Sat. night, will be seen by most of us assembling, since our exhibit tickets are for that morning.

I plan to drive back here (10-12 hours) on Sunday.

You who already have seen this exhibit, or have seen the films on huge screens have done much to whet our appetites for these experiences. I know you wish us well.

~ Mechtild

Today, after fretting about it for a month or two, I cancelled my Premiere Membership to TORc. It was far more emotional for me than I had anticipated, even as the diehard fan I have been. I felt as though I had experienced a death.

~ Frodo as Chatterton by Henry Wallis, c. 1856. I had made this manip picturing the scene of Frodo lying in a swoon on his bed at the home of Farmer Cotton, longing, in his delirium, for the Ring.

(Here follows a long re-telling of my experience in LotR fandom. Some of you already know all this stuff. Warning: Whinges ahead.)
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This is just a little vacation note. Almost nothing about Tolkien or LotR or Frodo (imagine that!?!?!?!)

Although my daughter and I have flown this summer to visit family (in the Washington D.C. area and northern Califronia), my poor husband still has not been anywhere. This weekend, I booked the three of us into a suite at a condo sort of a resort that friends have recommended. The place was only 80 miles away, "up the Shore."

"Up the Shore," here in Minnesota, means the north shore of Lake Superior....

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Just to let you who email me know, I have been having trouble receiving emails for the last two or three days. Grrrr ...! Sob ...!

I am not getting any reply-to-thread or PM notifications at K-D (I haven't had them at TORc for months, so that's nothing different), and I have learned of at least three messages people have sent me via my regular email which I never have received.

I am worried that people are sending me things and I am not getting them -- and so don't respond to them. I have emailed folks about this and have asked them to reply to let me know if they got the message -- but what if they do and I don't receive it anyway? *smites brow*

Shees! Don't you hate it when email screws up?

Frodo, being empathetic ...

In the meantime, if you can't get through to me via my regular email, you can PM me over at K-D. I won't get the PM notification, but I open the site regularly just to check.

If any of you would like to comment on this entry, I would appreciate it. That would give me another way I can check what is working and what isn't. Normally I would get an emailed reply notice.


* crosses fingers *
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( Jul. 10th, 2005 12:47 pm)
Yes, I have returned from my two weeks of family visitations. And what a greeting dear Frodo gave me! *smooch* Now I am ready for a holiday! I ate a great deal, drank mass quantities, shepherded our daughter through various family melt-downs and saw a few films, per my daughter’s choice. (Cinderella Man – excellent performances, very good film; Batman Begins -- many excellent performances in supporting roles in what I would say is the best of the “comic books” films; War of the Worlds very good performances in an uneven film -- some of it brilliant -- some not, but well-worth seeing.)

On hobbits portrayed as satyrs.

Again, I failed to write anything on vacation about this but did spend time imagining how fetching film Frodo would look shirtless, furry-legged and playing pan pipes. I also found some truly lurid drawings depicting satyrs with satyrs (and satyrs with centaurs) on Google Images, while looking for the cartoon satyrs from Fantasia (pictured second below).

Inspired, I decided to make a new "Frodo Art Travesty"manip staring Frodo as a satyr (see below).

Frodo as Pan comforting Psyche, courtesy of Edward Burne-Jones, c. 1874:

Read more... )
I just wanted you to know that while my spouse stays home to hold the fort, I am taking our daughter to visit family (in Wash., D.C. and in northern California; we live in the middle, in northern Minnesota). We fly off tomorrow.

Here's the fellowship leaving Rivendell; I hope Frodo is coming with me on holiday, dearest darlingest figment of my imagination that he is.

Image hosted by

My mother in the east has NO internet, and things might be too busy to check in at my sister's in the west, so this might be the last you'll hear from me till the second week in July.

I am not exaggerating when I say I will miss this terribly. I am a total addict of the Tolkien threads I visit and now LJ. They help me to thrive.

When I get back, I am hoping to finish the very long overdue Ch. 12 of Threshold, and write a few journal entries about things that have been on my mind, such as, what I think constitutes Frodo's "Elvishness".

Also, I might dare to address what I now perceive to be the downside of depicting the hobbits (or any of the fellowship) as lusty satyrs (the cute sort), happily snogging and boffing their through their "Arcadia" in Middle-earth. In some stories I recently read, they seemed to me more like the satyrs the Greeks had ridiculed, made stupid by their lust. Instead of enjoying their bawdy romps with them, I was a looker-on, made to watch them as they did the dirty. I was transfixed, as I am by anything sexual, of course, and could not look away. But they were made to seem ... bestial ... to me; their tongues lolling and their eyes rolling; perpetually fiddling with themselves or with each other like monkeys in old-style zoo enclosures, bored and frustrated, left to pull their puds before all and sundry as they stop to gawp -- repelled; titillated; amused -- or all of these at once.

Well. I must get some things done.

I will very much miss your conversation.

Until I return, then, be well.

~ Mechtild


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