Here are some unusual caps from the lovely little sequence in the hearthside scene early in FotR, when Gandalf tells Frodo about the Ring. In it, having learned what the Ring is, Frodo, still quite plucky, says they'll hide the Ring away. After all, know one knows it's there. Frodo stops suddenly and turns, his misgivings written all over his face. Tentatively he adds, "... Do they, Gandalf?"
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It's late, but I could not resist making another couple of sets of screencaps. Taken from the "full screen" theatrical version of FotR, these reaction shots come from the opening of Bilbo's farewell speech. Frodo seems to be really enjoying himself in these first segments, as he watches Bilbo play the emcee after dinner, apparently unaware (in the film) of what his guardian has up his sleeve.
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Farewell Speech, reaction shot #1:

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Well, I went (11 1/2 hours to drive down, 12 1/2 hours back - Shees!, and got back late last night.

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I will save the seeing of the films for another LJ entry.
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( Oct. 18th, 2005 05:24 pm)
Just a notice to those who don't remember that it exists, Nevrast opened an LJ version of the Harem the last time that K-D was down. It is already back in use.

Here's a link to the current entry:


Haremites waiting outside Frodo's bedroom door for their turns:

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