Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. VI, The Stairs Kiss, Second Half....

This post presents the second half of the "Stairs" kiss," or, "Reunion" kiss....

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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. V, The Stairs Kiss, First Half....

This post presents the first half of the "Stairs" kiss," or, "Reunion" kiss.
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Part IV: The 'Second Tent Scene'....

In this post, I am leaving the book scene behind (which, as I wrote to Maeglian in comments for Part III, I see as very, very different). This is just about the film scene. In this scene, Ennis comes to Jack in the tent.

It is the next night....
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* * *

Warning: Adult content (discussion of LotR erotic fan art, although not at all graphically).

Recently, following links to links, I have been browsing LJ's and galleries for LotR fan art, specifically erotic art featuring Frodo. I don't mean manips, but paintings and drawings.

I found it very educational (and, in the end, inspiring)....
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Image hosted by

I'm not done with Canova yet.

The reason I was familiar with the artist, when Pearl sent me that image was because I already had fallen in love with one of his sculptures, another version of the Cupid and Psyche myth that he had done.

The piece I swooned over is extremely daring, technically, as works in stone go. It is not small, yet it is all over the place in terms of limbs and wings extending this way and that. I don't know much about how stone is worked by artists, but I can't help but think that this sort of piece is assembled, somehow -- put together -- not carved whole out of one huge block.

Edited to add: I found a site that gave the overall dimensions of the piece. It is not large. I suppose it seemed large to me because it is in the foreground, making the museum visitors look smaller (an old Pete Jackson trick!). The figures are not even hobbit-sized, for the dimensions are: H 0.55 m; W 0.68 m; D 1.01 m

Once again, to demonstrate Canova's ability to express both the erotic and the tender in one piece, here is a close-up of the faces.

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Well, because all the windows of Europe and the U.S. have been dark as fans around the world have been devouring Harry Potter #6, I have been clicking the buttons of "Friends" ... and then of the Friends of the Friends ... then of their Friends ....

I ended up in a site hosting RPS fics starring LotR actors. And what do you know? I read an EW-OB one that was pretty good, as hot fics go! I didn't believe it at all, since I think both actors are straight. I especially doubted it after having seen EW's lack-lustre ("lack-lust"?) on-screen love-making in All I Want (but I grant that he was playing a role, and, perhaps, he actually is a lot more capable than those scenes indicate).

(This journal entry contains explicit language.)

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( Jul. 10th, 2005 12:47 pm)
Yes, I have returned from my two weeks of family visitations. And what a greeting dear Frodo gave me! *smooch* Now I am ready for a holiday! I ate a great deal, drank mass quantities, shepherded our daughter through various family melt-downs and saw a few films, per my daughter’s choice. (Cinderella Man – excellent performances, very good film; Batman Begins -- many excellent performances in supporting roles in what I would say is the best of the “comic books” films; War of the Worlds very good performances in an uneven film -- some of it brilliant -- some not, but well-worth seeing.)

On hobbits portrayed as satyrs.

Again, I failed to write anything on vacation about this but did spend time imagining how fetching film Frodo would look shirtless, furry-legged and playing pan pipes. I also found some truly lurid drawings depicting satyrs with satyrs (and satyrs with centaurs) on Google Images, while looking for the cartoon satyrs from Fantasia (pictured second below).

Inspired, I decided to make a new "Frodo Art Travesty"manip staring Frodo as a satyr (see below).

Frodo as Pan comforting Psyche, courtesy of Edward Burne-Jones, c. 1874:

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I just wanted you to know that while my spouse stays home to hold the fort, I am taking our daughter to visit family (in Wash., D.C. and in northern California; we live in the middle, in northern Minnesota). We fly off tomorrow.

Here's the fellowship leaving Rivendell; I hope Frodo is coming with me on holiday, dearest darlingest figment of my imagination that he is.

Image hosted by

My mother in the east has NO internet, and things might be too busy to check in at my sister's in the west, so this might be the last you'll hear from me till the second week in July.

I am not exaggerating when I say I will miss this terribly. I am a total addict of the Tolkien threads I visit and now LJ. They help me to thrive.

When I get back, I am hoping to finish the very long overdue Ch. 12 of Threshold, and write a few journal entries about things that have been on my mind, such as, what I think constitutes Frodo's "Elvishness".

Also, I might dare to address what I now perceive to be the downside of depicting the hobbits (or any of the fellowship) as lusty satyrs (the cute sort), happily snogging and boffing their through their "Arcadia" in Middle-earth. In some stories I recently read, they seemed to me more like the satyrs the Greeks had ridiculed, made stupid by their lust. Instead of enjoying their bawdy romps with them, I was a looker-on, made to watch them as they did the dirty. I was transfixed, as I am by anything sexual, of course, and could not look away. But they were made to seem ... bestial ... to me; their tongues lolling and their eyes rolling; perpetually fiddling with themselves or with each other like monkeys in old-style zoo enclosures, bored and frustrated, left to pull their puds before all and sundry as they stop to gawp -- repelled; titillated; amused -- or all of these at once.

Well. I must get some things done.

I will very much miss your conversation.

Until I return, then, be well.

~ Mechtild


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