Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. VI, The Stairs Kiss, Second Half....

This post presents the second half of the "Stairs" kiss," or, "Reunion" kiss....

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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. V, The Stairs Kiss, First Half....

This post presents the first half of the "Stairs" kiss," or, "Reunion" kiss.
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps" ~ The Kiss Scenes, Part IV: The 'Second Tent Scene'....

In this post, I am leaving the book scene behind (which, as I wrote to Maeglian in comments for Part III, I see as very, very different). This is just about the film scene. In this scene, Ennis comes to Jack in the tent.

It is the next night....
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Brokeback Mountain Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes: Part II

Warnings: Adult content for discussion of sex, erotica, homosexuality, slash, etc. No explicit images, though.

Well! I certainly learned a lot reading the comments from my introductory post, particularly as they touched upon Brokeback Mountain -- both the short story and the film based on it -- when it came to watching real love scenes between a man and a man.

Yesterday, I singled out the kissing scenes as the "love scenes" of Brokeback Mountain, dismissing the opening tent scene (murkily but unmistakably showing anal intercourse) as abrupt, wordless, and quick (not to mention, from behind, not face to face), raw sex.
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~ Detail from erotic drawing by Paul-Emile Becat (1885-1960)


1. HUGELY long LJ entry, but I think it is one of my better ones. This post is all intro. and has only partial BBM content. So, if you are opening this for the screencaps, this is not the post to see them in.

2. There is some adult content in the text (erotica, slash); also, an erotic illustration, NOT WORKSAFE: NC-17, het, nude erect member.
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Back when I was hotly discussing this film in January and February, I wrote about how well the kiss scenes were made, I promised a Lovely Someone from another LJ that I would make screencaps of the kiss scenes from the film once the DVD had come out. I said I would post them in my LJ.

Well, the DVD came out, I made the caps, and here’s the introductory post....
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[Warning: some adult content in quoted materials]

~ Film-Frodo looking bookishly, "kick-ass," at Cirith Ungol.

Oh, EXCRETA! Two more great essays!

One by Aratlithiel and another by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. Many of you have no doubt read these, but for us relative newbies, I just want to give a little ‘heads up’….Read more... )
Remarks in my previous entry by Maeglian inspired me to watch the "Frodo leaps into Sam's arms" scene once again. I decided I liked this sequence so much, blurry focus and dim lighting and all, that I would cap it more fully. I just love the youthful exuberance and easy affection that overflows from this scene. I wish there were more of it in the theatrical release.

Again, this sequence is from the SCI-FI channel's A Passage to Middle-Earth, a TV special included in the FotR theatrical version DVD Extras. If you really are dying to see it and/or cap it for yourself, it occurs at just past 10 minutes into that special.

The caps below are from the tail end of the dance sequence that is featured in the Extras. The camera has been following Frodo through the lines of the dance. The dancing in this sequence differs from the part that made it into the film, in which Frodo is dancing with a specific partner. Here, he is part of a group.

When Frodo gets to the end of a series of hand-offs, he bursts out of line (and, perhaps, out of character). It may be part of the blocking for the scene, but I am inclined to agree with Maeglian that someone has probably just yelled, "cut"! In any event, what happens is that film Frodo throws himself upon Sam while Rosie (Sara McLeod) looks on....

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While I am doing caps of “Elijah in costume,” I thought I would go ahead and post these two strings of screencaps from the FotR TE DVD Extras featuring Merry and Frodo.
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I decided to go ahead and post the last of my "FotR Cart Scene" screen caps because I’ll be too busy for the next few days to post a new entry....

The first caps below come from footage just after the "Money Shot." Frodo realises that it is Gandalf who is approaching, and tears down the grassy slope.

These are awfully blurry, but I really love this moment in the film for the buoyant, filled-with-joy quality of the run. Therefore, I included the two caps that are the most focussed.

Frodo careers down the hill:

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We watched the third film, Prisoner of Azkaban, tonight -- and it really was good! We had just finished watching the first and second Harry Potter films yesterday.
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I'm just going public to let you who have heard me dismissing the whole HP thing know that I now can see the appeal, having felt it myself. It's not LotR, but, in film three, it's really enjoyable, involving entertainment.

~ Mechtild
Well, because all the windows of Europe and the U.S. have been dark as fans around the world have been devouring Harry Potter #6, I have been clicking the buttons of "Friends" ... and then of the Friends of the Friends ... then of their Friends ....

I ended up in a site hosting RPS fics starring LotR actors. And what do you know? I read an EW-OB one that was pretty good, as hot fics go! I didn't believe it at all, since I think both actors are straight. I especially doubted it after having seen EW's lack-lustre ("lack-lust"?) on-screen love-making in All I Want (but I grant that he was playing a role, and, perhaps, he actually is a lot more capable than those scenes indicate).

(This journal entry contains explicit language.)

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